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Hair Services

Adults Corner
  • Straight Blowdry (short hair) – from €15

  • Straight Blowdry (long hair) – from €17

  • Curly Blowdry – from €20

  • GHD/Wand Curls – from €20

  • Upstyles – from €30

  • Wash, Cut & Blowdry – from €30

  • Wash, Restyle Cut & Blowdry – from €40

  • Dry Haircut – from €20

  • Gents Cuts – €12

Kids Corner

Kids Cuts (up to 14 years old)

  • Boys – from €8
  • Girls – from €15

  • Girls Wash, Cut & Blowdry – from €25


  • Brazilian Blow Out Split End Treatment & Blowdry :

  •                                  – Short Hair – from €35

  •                                  – Long Hair – from €38 

  • Brazilian Blow Out 12 Week Treatmeant :

  •                                  – Short €80 to €99

  •                                  – Medium €99 to €119

  •                                  – Long €119 to €159

  • Be Fabulous Treatment & Blowdry – from €35
  • Redken Treatment – €15 extra

  • L’Oréal Treatment- €10 extra

  • Ólaplex Treatment – from €35 extra

  • Brazilian Blowout B3 Bond Builder – from €35 extra

  • L’Oréal Chromotive Color/ Nutri Color Crème Color Bombs – from €10 extra

Colour Bar

Revlonissimo, Young Color Excel, High Coverage, INOA

  • Color & Blowdry – from €70

  • Color, Cut & Blowdry – from €80

  • Root Color & Blowdry – from €55
  • Root Color, Cut & Blowdry – from €65
  • Color, Blonder Highlights & Blowdry – from €90

  • Color, Blonder Highlights, Cut & Blowdry – from €95

  • T-Bar Highlights & Blowdry – from €75

  • T-Bar Highlights, Cut & Blowdry – from €85

  • Half Head of Highlights & Blowdry – from €85

  • Half Head of Highlights, Cut & Blowdry – from €95

  • Full Head of Highlights & Blowdry – €100
  • Full Head of Highlights, Cut & Blowdry – from €110

  •                           – Color Toners – from €10 extra

  •                           – Add a Curly Blowdry – from €8 extra

  • Color Toner & Blowdry – from €25

  • Color Toner, Cut & Blowdry – from €40

  • T-Bar ‘Spot’ Color & Straight Blowdry – from €45

  • T-Bar ‘Spot’ Color & Curly Blowdry – from €50


  • Perm & Blowdry – from €60

  • Perm, Wash, Cut & Blowdry – from €65

  • ‘Hairspray’ Official Extensions – by consultation

  • Color Cleanse/ Removal – by consultation

  • Color Change – by consultation

  • Dip Dye – by consultation

  • Ómbre – by consultation

  • Balayage – by consultation

  • Free Hand Technique – by consultation

  • Contour Highlights – by consultation
  • Platinum Highlights – by consultation

All our consultation are free of charge

We cater to wedding parties, large parties/events and debutants. Call out services are available.

Hair & Beauty packages

Our in salon packages are created to suit your needs for any occasion and they can be altered to suit you. Give us a call for more information.

  • Upstyle & Makeup – €50

  • GHD Curls & Makeup – €45

  • Curly Blowdry & Makeup – €45
  • Straight Blowdry & Makeup – €42

*Add Shellac Nails for €15. File & Polish for €10.

Brazilian Blowout Treatment

As featured in magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Us, OK, Star, Style, Marie Claire, In Style, Vanity Fair, Bazaar and many more, brazilian blowout is the only smoothing treatment that can be customized to keep curl and lose frizz, or to achieve a sleek and straight result. Known for significantly reducing drying and styling time for up to 12 weeks, a major benefit of this treatment is that it is finished at the salon with no “time”. This means you can leave the salon and immediately wash your hair, exercise, put it in a stylish pony tail or clip without having to wait days to do so.

What to expect when you come in for a Brazilian Blowouts :


When you arrive at the salon, the process is as follows:

  • Stylist will assess your hair and determine which result you would like to achieve – smooth or keep curl/wave.
  • Stylist will shampoo your hair a few times with our specially formulated Anti-Residue Professional Shampoo to prepare your hair for optimal smoothing results.
  • After towel drying, your certified stylist will divide your hair into sections and begin to apply the Brazilian Blowout Professional Smoothing Solution through each section of the hair from root to tip; lightly dusting each section, careful to not saturate it.
  • Stylist will then blow-dry your hair as smooth and straight as possible using a round, boar bristle brush.
  • Once the hair is completely dry, your stylist will divide the hair into four sections and being using a flat iron to seal in the solution.
  • Once flat ironing is completed, the stylist will then rinse the hair (not shampoo) and apply the Brazilian Blowout Deep Conditioning Masque to further seal in the solution and reset your hair to it’s natural pH. This will sit on the hair for one minute, and then the stylist will rinse the hair once again and towel dry.
  • Your certified stylist will now apply the Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Serum to assist in detangling hair prior to final blow dry and styling.
  • After about 90 minutes (depending on the density and amount of your hair), your treatment is completed, and you can leave the salon with the freedom to immediately wash your hair, exercise, or put it up in a pony tail or clip without having to wait to do so. Enjoy your smooth, frizz-free, shiny locks for up to 12 weeks. Make sure you get the longest-lasting result out of your treatment by using our Açai Anti-Frizz aftercare + styling products which can be purchased in salon.

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Brazilian Blow Out Split End Treatment


PROFESSIONAL SPLIT END CORRECTION is a therapeutic and preventative treatment
and cutting lotion all-in- one. It is the only treatment that locks into your hair and lasts up to
4 weeks.

Utilizing a proprietary Thermo-Marine Bonding System™, this treatment fills in and binds broken hair fibers together, instantly mending split ends while a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex prevents future breakage by surrounding each strand with a protective coating, defending against daily styling and environmental stressors.
It’s the only in-salon service that instantly mends and prevents split ends while also preventing future splits to occur.
Here, at La Vita we recommend you get a haircut before your split end treatment for maximum result.
This then will perfect for prolonging the shape of your precision cut.